Optimizing Warehousing and Logistics in Mexico


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Free Trade Zone

REIS’s locations have IMMEX which allows us to reduce tax rates and clear duties right at our docks, which is ideal for VMI, consignment stock and pay-on-pull.

Worldwide Customers

We handle products from all over the world managing more than 100,000 references to different renowned costumers.

High Capacity Storage

More than 650,000sqft in storage capacity in strategic locations and there is always more space available!

We're REIS!


3, 4 & 5PL services VMI, JIT & JIS delivery. No taxes are paid until goods are cleared, sold or pulled.


We offer dedicated service throughout the entire supply chain: from following up on shipments to importation, and delivery.

Strategic Locations

At REIS we have locations in central Mexico and the border with USA which lets us set up entire operations in USMCA (NAFTA).

Our Licenses

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Optimize your import time up to 25%!

In REIS International Services. We'll get your products safely from Asia to the USA using Mexican ports while you focus on making deals instead of worrying about your shipment. More than 100 US companies are already taking advantage of this!

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