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IMMEX License Mexico: What is it and how does it work?

licencia immex mexico

What is the IMMEX License in Mexico?

The IMMEX License is a key part of trade in Mexico, aiding the export sector and positioning Mexico as a significant player in the global supply chain. This program encourages foreign investment, simplifying the temporary import of goods for certain industrial and service tasks. Through this program, the creation, alteration, or repair of products for subsequent export is supported, making IMMEX a handy tool for companies engaged in international trade.

What benefits does it offer?

The IMMEX License offers several benefits to companies that join the program. One of the main advantages is being able to delay the payment of specific taxes, such as the Import Tax and VAT. This also applies to some fees, as long as the imported products are used to create, modify, or repair something for export. This benefit is especially helpful for companies that need to be careful with their finances.

immex license mexico
REIS Logistics Warehouse in Aguascalientes, México

Who can use this program?

The IMMEX License Mexico program is designed exclusively for companies in Mexico that produce and export products. Also, companies that provide export services and meet the program's requirements can join. It's important to note that the program isn't for individuals, only for companies that undertake specific tasks in areas like manufacturing and services.

immex license mexico
Our team at the recent event of the Automotive Cluster San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

How do we incorporate the IMMEX License Mexico into REIS Logística?

Here at REIS Logística, we are a prime example of how to harness the advantages of the IMMEX License Mexico. With many years in the logistics and storage business, at REIS Logística, we've grown significantly in the industry, offering 3PL logistics services and utilizing the IMMEX program for key areas such as autos, appliances, aerospace, and food. With IMMEX, our clients, through our operation, can save on taxes and other additional charges, making their work easier and more effective.

How does IMMEX benefit Mexico?

IMMEX doesn't just benefit one company or sector; it benefits the whole country. This program creates jobs and brings in foreign capital, helping to build and improve things in the country. It also introduces new ideas and ways of working, modernizing and enhancing everything.


The IMMEX License Mexico program is a great way to support Mexican companies that import and export goods. By offering a conducive environment for bringing in goods and granting tax benefits, IMMEX stands as a reliable partner for companies aiming to trade globally. On this note, at REIS Logística, we serve as an example of how a company can utilize the IMMEX License to improve its operations and assist its clients, all while boosting the industry's growth.

Discover how at REIS Logística we transform logistics and warehousing in Mexico. Dive into our services and experience the distinct service we offer.


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